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FBI has a sense of humor…

November 8, 2012

While perusing the “fun” links on the internet I discovered that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official site has a link called “Fun and Games.” Nestled in amongst a Hurricane Sandy Fraud Hotline, the Most Wanted, and Scam and Safety are links for “Kids and Teens, Avatars, Spies and Counterespionage (a side-splitting subject), and Tools of the Trade (guns mostly).” So, if you don’t find terrorism, violent crime, interstate flight et cetera entertaining enough be sure to check out
and change your “threat level” to “laugh out loud.” Can we get a link for “fisting?”


America wants your Oil

June 11, 2011
Oil 4 America

Sometimes the best plans are the most simple

Top Ten Comedies Not Usually Seen On Top Ten Lists

April 12, 2011

Every blogger who’s watched eleven movies in one lifetime has put togther a Top Ten films list. I’ve read half of those. Within each catagory are features well-known and well-worn. Embittered clashes have arisen over each list and its inclusions and/or exclusions to rival the Caputlets and Montagues, Hatfields and McCoys, Sunnis and Shia, and even the Yankees and the Red Sox. But this list is different. I’ve dedicated this series to those films that rarely, if ever, show up on the select litanies so often found in the blog-o-spere. With that may I humbly introduce for your perusal: The Top Ten Films That Don’t Usually Make Top Ten Lists. These are gems often overlooked, neglected, and ignored… due to no other fault than not being as good as the Top Ten…
Used Cars, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Raising Arizona, The Fortune Cookie, My Favorite Year, Ed Wood, Roxanne, Idiocracy, S.O.B., Welcome To The Doll House.

Pisces Soccer Fan…

December 29, 2009

Goal Fish…

Vincent Van Moe nee Van Mogh

October 30, 2009

GOP calls Obama Timid… WH: Get Over It…

June 22, 2009

Republicans congressmen called the actions of the President, “timid” in his response to the disputed Iranian election. The White House line, in reply, has been a pejorative, “Get over it.”*

Spokesman for the party, Rush Limbaugh, is expected to rebut the comment with something un-researched and without bearing on the situation. Few individuals with a triple digit are expected to accept the corpulent former drug abuser’s words as serious.


ANY-thing more…

June 9, 2009

Is there anything more annoying than a rhetorical question?

Leaked memo from FOXNews

May 3, 2009

MEMO for news depts

inre:       Swine Flu gets new name:

In keeping with “newsworthy” and interesting titles of illnesses for broadcast (i.e. Mad Cow Disease) the Swine Flu will now be referred to as Hog Wild Syndrome. Expect new pandemic soon: undisclosed name; possibly Melancholy Tuna Palsy, Choleric Celery Diagnosis, Apoplectic Chicken Disorder or possible product placement deal–ADHD Breakfast Cereal (company to be named later i.e. ADHD Wheaties or Frosted Flakes et cetera). Be prepared to insert one of the above at a moment’s notice.

Food and religion…

November 7, 2008

Praise Cheeses!


Cheeses is my co-pilot



Always keep ’em guessing, mack…

iGive Up

September 25, 2008

Today Macintosh Computers announced several new products in the development stage.

iBet-will allow gamblers to contact local bookies without using a normal phone line.

iQuit-users can tender their resignation without face-to-face confrontations.

iVay-a portable Talmud reader.

iDunno-this product is undergoing further definition.