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In the tradition of…

January 29, 2010

the Scarlet Pimpernal, comes America’s newest superhero: the Mauve Flamer! Mild mannered florist by day… until a call for help–get away from me you cretone bully! Into a nearby closet and out emerges the Mauve Flamer protector of those who can’t fend for themselves… for fear of ruining their manicure. Hurling mauve balls o’ fire, the Flamer rushes to the aid of those who needs AID… not AIDS but aid… and… um…


More fun with Barbie

March 14, 2008

12 Step/AA Barbie–comes with: church basement, coffee urn, ash trays, and “Out-of-Control” Skipper…¬†Britanny Spears Barbie–same as 12 Step/AA Barbie plus: Beverly Hills Ambulance gurney, velcro restraints, three paparazzi, and $7,000,000 a year in recording residuals.Late addition to Britanny Spears Barbie–Now comes with contract for cartoon superhero, broadcast on a cable channel to be determined…¬†