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I saw you

August 7, 2008

I saw you.

It was yesterday…that I saw you.

It was in a dream yesterday that I saw you.

Between us, a crowd gathered and grew but still I saw you.

As I reached out, the crowd whirled like leaves in a fall tempest yet you remained in perfect focus and I saw you.

Miles sprang up between us, the crowd spun in tightening circles, keeping my body from the completion that only yours can give but still I saw you.

A roar in my ears recalled the moment when our passions were whole and I accepted your male power into my being and clouds became my bed when first I saw you.

Hours of passion, your eyes pierced the simple fabric that disguised my desires, tearing at my mask you devoured me leaving an empty shell of a girl as womanhood bloomed inside me, when I saw you.

Passion became want, then a need that your body filled to my depths and breadth leaving thin crimson trails down your perfect back. Your strong shoulder bore the purple details of my teeth as blinding sheets of pleasure filled my vision. I bucked the center of my open body against yours, clinging while you carried me down the path of ecstasy; til I opened my eyes again and I saw you.

I feel you in me, now. The reflection in the mirror contains two faces. Each footstep is weighted by yours and each thought is, of when I saw you.

A second is one that exists to bridge both time and space between us while every day closes it. Until again I whisper, I saw you.

It was in a dream yesterday that I saw you.

It was yesterday… that I saw you.

That’s when,

I saw you.