Graduation time

It’s time for graduation. The school I went to was rough, when you graduated you got two graduation pictures, front view and profile. It was rough I tell you. When it was time to call your name the principal said, “Would the accused step forward.” The guidance counselors didn’t ask what you wanted to do they asked, “How do you wanna plead?” They had the graduationg class step forward eight at a time… and then turn to the right. They didn’t have an Honor’s Program… they had an early release. I graduated with a 4 point 0 but my lawyer me off with 3 point 5. The diploma wasn’t made out of sheepskin… they said it was canary. The graduation speaker started off with “Graduates and ladies and gentlemen of the jury…” It was tough. The cap and robes were bullet proof. The school mascot was a Lo-jack. If you didn’t graduate the Marine Corps had to take you back.
(I made these up with the great Rodney Dangerfield in mind… we love and miss you)


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