Top Ten Films Not Usually Found on Top Ten Lists: Sci-fi

Every blogger who’s watched eleven movies in one lifetime has put togther a Top Ten films list. I’ve read half of those. Within each catagory are features well-known and well-worn. Embittered clashes have arisen over each list, and its inclusions and/or exclusions, to rival the Caputlets and Montagues, Hatfields and McCoys, Sunnis and Shia, and even the Yankees and the Red Sox. But this is list is different. I’ve dedicated this series to those films that rarely, if ever, show up on the select litanies so often found in the blog-o-spere. With that may I humbly introduce for your perusal: The Top Ten Films That Don’t Usually Make Top Ten Lists. These are gems often overlooked, neglected, and ignored… due to no other fault than not being as good as the Top Ten.
To keep this list current is troubling so I will only include films between 1950 and 2000 (fifty great years of film). I have opted not include the “classics” era due to the heavy hands of Selznick, Mayer, and many others who ran the “star system” of that time (the star system produced many great films but the doors were closed to new actors and directors).
SciFi: Alphaville, Twelve Monkeys, Fantastic Voyage (1966), Fahrenheit 451, Gattaca, Tron, Rollerball, District 9, Slaughterhouse-Five, Brazil.


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