Roast of William Shatner on Comedy Channel

Anybody see this one?They missed a few…Bill Shatner — Captain Kirk played with more alien tits than a gynocologist on Ellis Island.Jason Alexander — He did for starring roles on TV what Ted McGinty did for co-starring roles.Andy Dick — you might think it’s a case for “name is destiny” but in fact he changed his name. He was born Andrew Asscock but Andy Dick was easier to say with your mouth full.Kevin Pollack — Impressionists/impersonators tare people who are really boring as themselves. So they pick somebody who has done something with their life and act like them. But they never do bad guys (Hitler, Stalin) or criminals… at least not while they’re in office.Nichelle Nicols — She and Kirk shared the first inter-racial kiss on American TV. So what, Kirk was stickin’ his dick into alien chicks who didn’t even live in this dimension.She was the first black woman on American TV who didn’t serve white people food… but she was the last black woman on American TV who didn’t do the “head-bobbing thing.”


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